Dr Glenn Twentyman talks about low libido, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation

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Men's Health - helping men in New Zealand and all over the world maintain a healthy life.

We deal with all aspects of well being, ranging from sexual to general health. We integrate various natural and prescription based solutions to treat the root cause of the problem.

What we do

Our doctor, Dr Glenn Twentyman specializes in total age management in keeping you healthy and vibrant in all parts of your life.

Depending on your issues, you may need to schedule an appointment with the doctor. There are some problems that can be discussed discreetly over the phone.

The most difficult part is making contact with us – remember we have helped thousands of guys in the past.

Men's Clinic Auckland NZ

Our discreet men's clinic is situated at level 3, 43 High Street, Auckland City. We welcome you to make an appointment to see Dr Glenn Twentyman, and join hundreds of other New Zealand men who are enjoying a better sex life.

Premature Ejaculation

Learn how to control premature ejaculation for good. No nasal sprays, no medication, permanent and effective.

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