Testosterone therapy

So your GP is against you using Testosterone Therapy...? Written by Lloyd Shaw

In fact they seem dead against it, almost like it goes against everything they believe in. These are very educated people right, so they would know best. But lets look at this from a logical and medical point of view. Nothing too heavy reading, but enough I promise to make you start asking questions. And that is always a good thing.


The medical.... Hypogonadism (Hypo-gonad-ism) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypogonadism.

'Yes', that is its real name and it is actually quite a serious medical condition often referred to as" The Male Menopause" . Now this is not some made up affliction or old wives tale, but an actual syndrome studied in hundreds of research articles around the world. Your Doctor can order, and should order a blood test to see if you actually have this condition.
The condition can be the simple result of old age, where your body naturally stops producing the relevant hormones. Or sometimes its the result of a medical condition.
Symptoms can include...

Muscle atrophy (weakening of the muscles) 

Increased abdominal fat (dangerous visceral body fat ) 

Glucose intolerance (Type 2 Diabetes ) 

Libido and performance issues  

Poor sleep 

Psychological problems like depression and irritability. Which are often seen as "just being grumpy" But despite its light term can destroy relationships with those around you. 

Loss of bone (osteoporosis). 

The logical.... 

Now we have established that low testosterone is a real medical condition, it should also be logical that a certain % of the population will suffer from it. So here are the questions you need to ask your Doctor, and here are some of the predictable answers you may be given that should be cause for concern. 

Q........ How long have you been a GP.
A......... 40 years. 

Q........ How many patients have you had on average a day.
A......... Probably 20.  

Q......... That's a lot of people. Thousands upon thousands. With half being male right ?
A ..........Yes

Q............How many have you treated for Hypogonadism
A ...........None 

Q.......... None. Not one person in 40 years has had that condition. Do you know the statistical probability of that ?
A............Um........ Our time is up.

And I bet that would be the end of the conversation. But I put it to you, which is more likely. The Doctor has failed to diagnose the condition in 40 years, or they ignored the condition in some of their patients because they do not "believe" in the treatment. They want you to grow old gracefully and live out the last years of your life being plagued by the symptoms mentioned above. 

Hold on a second. Doctors are not meant to "believe" in anything, or force their own moral judgments on how we should live and die. That is not how science works, it is meant to be unbiased. But unfortunately Doctors are only human, and they do make such judgment calls on quite a regular basis ( as this little thought experiment has shown ). It is your choice if you want a second opinion or not. 

Why is this subject so important....... 

The simple fact is as we get older, things just do not work as well. Which might be Ok if we got to die in our early 30s like we used to 200 years ago. But we have managed in the Western world to double our average lifespan with no way of our bodies to catch up to such a drastic change. We are already so far away from "living and dyeing naturally " that argument is completely redundant. 

On top of that, if you are career driven, you have to stay in peak condition or risk not being able to do the tasks and goals we set for ourselves. I would dare say that most of us are not going to get to retire at all, the economy simply can not afford to keep us around doing nothing all day. 

It is all well and good to eat properly and exercise regularly, but to ignore the fact our bodies hormonal profile drops with age, and just accept it, goes against all logic. It also goes against most motivated peoples outlook on life. 

So if you are one of those people, ask for that second opinion.

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