Who is a real man?


The irony of men’s health is that in a world where the XY chromosome has long been in control, male problems are so often overlooked.weights_r

While the likes of John Key and Barrack Obama have tremendous authority, the health issues of the fairer sex get the spotlight. Many men ignore what they really need to take control of …..their wellbeing.

Getting up, getting it up, liking what you see in the mirror and what’s next to you in bed, can be harder (now that’s ironic) as you get older. Low energy, low libido, low self-esteem, and seeing what’s below that growing gut, are problems easily fixed.Here at Men’s Health we fix men’s problems both inside and out, it’s all related.

For example:

As men age their bodies change. Testosterone levels drop. As you look through the rear view mirror at your 20s and 30s, your testosterone is right there in the reflection. It goes away at one per cent or greater each year after 40. With it can go a man’s ability, and desire, to show his wife a good time. It takes away the capacity to build muscle, and then cruelly gives you a bulge where the six pack once was. The greater ratio of oestrogen to testosterone can make men wimpy too. Less assertive, less dominant. Basically…less manly.

Testosterone replacement gives a man suffering from any of these problems his self-worth back. He’s a stallion again, not a gelding. He looks like a man, acts like a man and feels like a man.

What you put into your body is important. Battling the bulge can be as simple as following a high protein and getting exercise. But knowing exactly how to go about is hard. Years of research have been put into products we have to help you.

The anxiety and stress of erectile dysfunction (for him as well as her) are easily relieved. Common treatments such as Viagra, Levitra and Cialis are available and even injection therapy works on over 95% of clients.

Speaking of that area, the prostate can be another danger zone. The burning feeling, lack of flow and regular toilet trips from an enlarged prostate can be a pain in the urethra. Many wait until it’s too late.

However you want to visit, by yourself or with your wife or partner, it’s about treating you with discretion and understanding.

We can help you take control of your body, so age will be a friend not a foe.

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