Sex Tips for Aging Couples (Senior Champions)

From experience, we know for most senior citizens – I dislike that term lets call them “senior champions”, sex has become a challenge. As many of you “champions” have already experienced, sex in your sixties, seventies or eighties is nothing like the sex you experienced, when you were in your twenties. For most of you, body functions response times are more like a Morrie 1000 than the ever fast Corvette. This can potentially make some “champions”, feel like a lesser person, a spent force. It could at times lead to depression, not to mention medications that could inadvertently have a negative impact on your sex drive, and you don't even realize it. This is especially true in older men. When prescribed any new medications, be sure to talk to your doctor about the side effects. Take for example a beta blocker - a sure fire way to dampen those lustful spirits. It's okay to ask your healthcare physician if a decreased sex drive is one such complication that goes along with taking a certain medication. If it is, well then talk with your doctor about trying another alternative that won't affect your sex drive. Bottom-line there are plenty of options out there. Do not be afraid to ask.

Unfortunately many medications taken to treat depression, and other illnesses associated with aging, are known to cause a decrease in sex drive. A better option initially for depression may be 5HTP or L-Tryptophan. It is important to maintain a good outlook on life, while paying close attention to what your body is telling you. Another important factor for “senior champions” is to communicate freely with their sex partner. Many champions grew up in an era, where it was taboo to openly discuss sex. Lights off - hush hush. Especially if the sex talk was focused around the needs, desires, or wants of the individual. CHAMPIONS, if you hadn't noticed this is the twenty first century, and good communication between two aging partners, is a vital part of the process to maintaining a healthy sex life.

Sexual malfunctions differ greatly between champion males and females. Women for an example might suffer from vaginal dryness causing the tissue of the vaginal wall, to feel like sandpaper whenever something is placed inside of it. Who wants to have sex if it’s quite painful and irritating? Understanding that this is often associated with the aging process, means women no longer have to suffer from vaginal dryness. Personal lubricants are a very simple answer to this unpleasant issue.

For men, their problems are usually centered on the function or lack there of; of their "old fella". It is a scientific fact that it takes champion men, up to three times longer to develop an erection, compared to a man half his age. How bloody disheartening - but wait there’s more. Champion men produce less semen than younger males. It is more difficult for a champion man to reach the point of climatic pleasure, let alone experiencing one. Understanding some of the most simplistic details about the aging process just might be the missing clue you've been looking for. Just because you are getting older, doesn't mean you should stop living your life.

You’ve heard it before but I’ll say it again, maintaining a happy sex life, is one way to staying healthy and fit. Even if you’re eighty, realizing some of the most basic essentials and limitations is all you have to do to be free and safe with your sexual partner. If you are limited by arthritis or pain, make sure to give yourselves plenty of extra time and use some of your creative genius to make things go smoother, and preferably pain free. Using extra padded pillows to help support your hips, elbows or knees, is one such was of being creative when it comes to dealing with your private limitations. You know that your body is more fragile now –you shouldn’t thrash a Morrie 1000. Creative measures to aid you in this endeavor, might even call for you and your partner to develop an ever expanding definition of sex itself – lighter spanks than before.

Whatever the case maybe, while you’re breathing you can continue smiling at the bedroom antics you should still perform.

By Dr Glenn Twentyman

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