Erectile Dysfunction - Erection Problems

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the correct term given to erection problems & impotency. Erectile dysfunction is simply defined as the ongoing inability to keep an erection for satisfactory intercourse - the erection isn't hard enough for penetration or for ejaculating.

There are many reasons for erectile dysfunction, both physical and psychological.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction / erection problems

Physical causes of Erectile dysfunction

Physical problems are the cause of most erectile disfunction cases, with psychological problems relating to only a small percentage.

In many cases the physical cause is that there just isn't enough blood flow to the penis. This may be caused by high blood cholesterol, diabetes, stress, smoking, and excessive alcohol intake.

Erectile dysfunction - psychological causes

Psychological reasons include:

  • stress of failure
  • low sex drive
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • relationship problems
  • frustration

Options for treatment

There are a number of options for treatment of Erectile dysfunction (ED) , which include the following:

Oral (taken via mouth) treatments

These include medications like Cialis, Viagra, Levitra, and Uprima. We also highly recommend SZM formula for men, a natural alternative to these that can be purchased from our website.

Stimulation is still required to make these tablets work. At our clinic these tablets have an approximately 60% success rate.

Gel treatment

A medicated gel containing prostaglandin is inserted into the urethra (eye of the penis), absorbed from within and begins an erection 3-5 minutes later. In this case stimulation is not required. Due to the method of application, this form of treatment is not very popular.

Injection Therapy

At 95%, this method has the best success rate but is not to every ones liking. A prostaglandin or MIX is injected into a site around the base of the penis, allowing the blood to flow into the penis. This method works within 3-5 minutes and does not require stimulation to get an erection.

Injection therapy also has a high success rate in severe cases of premature ejaculation. The medication allows you to ejaculate and still maintain an erection afterwards.

Please contact us at our Auckland clinic if you would like to know more about premature ejaculation injection therapy.

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