Lack of Energy

Check first your habits, and see a natural remedy:
  • More sleep
  • More drinking water
  • Balanced diet
  • More exercise.

Often, the body will produce stimulants to help the mind and body cater with excesses and stresses.
However, there is a limit to how long this can last - a limit to each individual's reserves to be used for this purpose.

Loss of energy is the prime indicator that recuperation is needed.
Artificial remedies for loss of energy may inhibit (or fool) the body is its natural regenerative processes. If not used, these processes may become idle, and cease to function effectively. So it is always best to exhaust your opportunity for a natural remedy before seeking out a "quick fix".

Blood and urine tests are most the appropriate to first try and discover any abnormality or predominant imbalance requires priority for treatment. Check with your doctor.

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