Iso Whey Diabetic Formula

Iso Whey Diabetic Formula

Iso Whey formula has been specifically designed to assist with the maintenance of your blood glucose levels by providing you with a delicious high protein nutritional meal supplement with inositol, vitamin D, chromium, zinc, and other important micronutrients suitable for diabetics. It is recommended that this product be used in the context of a healthy diet, lifestyle and exercise.

IsoWhey Complete is useful for daily use to support lean muscle mass, immune function and energy levels. As a balanced macro and micro vitamin and mineral source, IsoWhey Complete also contains all 22 amino acids that provide a source of complete undenatured protein.

As an added bonus, each bottle of IsoWhey Complete also comes with a free copy of the 'IsoWhey Complete Weight Management Program'. This booklet describes, in details, an ideal nutrition and exercise plan aimed to help the individual lose weight, and keep it off.

An independent scientific study as proven the IsoWhey Complete Weight Management Program works. Researchers concluded that 'IsoWhey Complete is simple to use in people of all ages, weights and occupations, who lose weight at a sustainable rate.' The sustainable weight loss achieved was 1 kilogram per week.

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Key features

  • Advanced nutritional support for diabetics.
  • Assists the maintenance of healthy blood glucose levels.
  • Suitable for weight loss.
  • High in protein - 21.9g per serve!
  • Features inositol, chromium, zinc and electrolytes.
  • Low GI.
  • No added sugar.
  • No artificial colours, flavours or sweetenersLow GI!
  • Low fat!
  • High dose, superior quality whey protein concentrate and isolate - easily digested, suppresses the appetite hormone ghrelin.
  • Glycomacropeptides - stimulate the satiating hormone cholecystokinin (CCK).
  • Naturally low in sugar - no sugar added.
  • Sweetened with stevia - natural, 300 times sweeter than sucrose, no caloric value, suitable for diabetics.
  • Less than 1g lactose per serve - suitable for most lactose-intolerant individuals.
  • Inositol - improves insulin sensitivity, supports peripheral nerves.
  • Vitamin D - improves insulin sensitivity.
  • Chromium - involved in healthy glucose metabolism.
  • Zinc - involved in the synthesis, storage and secretion of insulin.
  • Vitamin C - antioxidant, diabetics have higher requirements.
  • Vitamin E - antioxidant, diabetics have higher requirements.
  • Electrolytes - calcium, magnesium, potassium frequently out of balance in diabetics.
  • Branched chain amino acids, e.g. leucine - stimulate insulin release